The 6 Truths of Extensions


“We make sure that we produce the best quality of hair possible, however the period of time that you can enjoy from it is entirely in your own hands. The better you take care of your hair, the longer it can last.”

Uair extensions have become extremely popular in recent years. Certainly also because of the “beauty-lovers” and influencers who share their inspiration on social media. Extensions are therefore a big part of the hair styling world. But unfortunately also a frequently misunderstood accessory.
Through our years of experience as a professional hair extension specialist, we have compiled a list of the 6 things the really curious ones among us should know about hair extensions.

1. Length & Volume go hand in hand
One cannot go without the other. If you go for length, you automatically get more volume. Imagine someone has shoulder length hair. Then suppose that one strand of hair extension of 55 cm hangs over the back. That's not even the length of a rat tail. And what if 20 strands of hair extensions are attached to the hair. Does that make it look fuller? Still not. So one pack of extensions does not make a full head.
It takes a full set of extensions to achieve length, and this is how we recommend it:

  • Invisilocks & StickTips: 5 to 8 packs
  • Perfect Wefts: 2 to 4 packs
  • Tape-In: 3 to 6 packs

The basic rule is: the fuller your own hair, the more packs are needed. So keep in mind that you will also get more volume if your goal is longer hair. And that brings us straight to the next point…

2. Hair Extensions add some extra weight
We can't get around it. Especially when it comes to professional methods applied the first time. Then the extra weight can feel a little…well….weird. Most customers get used to it quickly, but it feels a bit like you've had your hair in a ponytail or updo all day. This sometimes feels a bit uncomfortable for a while, especially for the “first-time customers”.

3. Professional & High-Quality Hair isn't cheap
If you want beautiful, long locks that also remain beautiful for the next few months, this will cost you several hundred Euros. And that is no joke. The purchase of quality hair requires money. So you want to make sure you have good quality for the right price, right?
We are very proud to report that RANA Hair always has top quality for a reasonable price. Our hair comes from ethical sources and is 100% Remy, 100% human hair with the cuticles intact. A number of systems can be reused after 6-8 weeks, especially if you take very good care of the extensions and maintain them.

4. Good care is key
We make sure that we produce the best quality hair possible, but for how long you enjoy from it, is entirely in your own hands. The better you take care of your hair, the longer it can last.
Most extensions are made to last up to 6 months (although we also have customers that last up to a year!), but this requires a special maintenance step-by-step plan. Use the Rana Hair Care in the right way, comb and brush well and follow all the do's & don'ts that you receive from us.

5. “Do It Yourself” can be fun, but it's not recommended
Ready-to Wear Extensions such as the i-Flip, iClip and the Ponytail are easy to apply and ideal for a styling of your choice. Our professional methods (read; fixed extensions) are not. There will always be a few go-getters who can do this themselves. But those are exceptions to the rule!
Again and again we see that applying a fixed system by yourself causes disappointments.

Professional extensions specialists are trained for this and apply the different systems with different professional means. Extensions are a big investment, make sure they are applied by a pro!

6. The Truth About Removing Extensions
When you first get your extensions removed, it will initially feel like your hair is very thin and wispy. You probably even wonder if your hair isn't thinner than before the extensions? This is a completely normal sensation, and don't worry! You got used to that extra bulk and weight very quickly.

In addition, we have seen many ladies panic when removing and it seemed like their own hair is falling out in clumps. No stress… This is completely normal.

Here's the thing: you lose hair naturally every day. While wearing extensions, the hair that would have fallen out naturally remains trapped in the keratin bonding, tape or micro-ring. The moment this is removed, the fallen hair will all come loose, as well as remains of the extension hair itself. After a few washes you will be used to this again and you will see that there is nothing wrong with your own hair.

Here you will find all information about placing extensions!

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