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At RANA you are always welcome for a FREE Consultation. Just for extra information or to specifically look at which hair extensions or hairpieces are most suitable for you. Our Hair Experts adviseren jou geheel vrijblijvend over alle mogelijkheden, kleuren, systemen en producten.


Often people do not know what options are available, what the best colors are, which systems, what a wig or hairpiece can do for you and what the price is. That is why we offer a complete FREE Consultation that is without any obligation: Personal advice and an answer to all your questions.

In consultation with one of our HairExperts, we discuss what your wishes are, which system and how many extensions are needed to get the desired result, or which hairpiece suits it best.

Both when placing hair extensions and when discussing which hairpiece suits you best, we take into account: the shape of the head, the natural hair growth and the quality of your own hair.

This is different for everyone, so placing hair extensions or determining a hairpiece is always tailor-made.

After we have discussed the system or hairpiece, we will discuss the color of the extensions or hairpiece. Do you want to keep your own hair color, or go for a completely new look right away? Everything is possible. The art of putting in extensions, or determining the right hairpiece, is in a way that no one will notice you are wearing one. We often work with different color nuances to create the most natural effect possible, which seamlessly matches your own hair.

Our extensions are available in several lengths. We have lengths from 30 cm to 55 cm in stock. We can even order up to 70 and 80 cm especially for you. Of course, the extensions are still nicely trimmed when they are put in.

There are also many options in hairpieces, from spicy short hairstyles to beautiful long locks.

We work with no less than 7 different systems of extensions!


There are several possible solutions for hairpieces and wigs.


After having your hair extensions put in professionally, or after purchasing a hairpiece or wig, it is very important that you take care of it at home in the right way and with the right products. 

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